Safaricom Mpesa: When was Mpesa Launched in Kenya

safaricom mpesa rates
safaricom mpesa rates

The safaricom Mpesa is the first mobile money transfer service. In a short while I will share with you when was Mpesa Launched and other interesting features of Safaricom Mpesa. Since Mpesa rolled out, it has helped with sending and receiving money to places where banks never existed.

What is M Pesa from Vodacom Safaricom?

The M-pesa meaning is as simple as M standsing for mobile, pesa being the Swahili word for money. Amazingly, its the first mobile phone-based money transfer system in Kenya which has now spread to many countries in the world.

The M-pesa Service has helped the rural folks receive money and also send money. Mpesa also has additional services payment using M-pesa paybill number. Petrol stations, supermarkets, hotels and any shop that has Lipa na M-pesa sign accepts Mpesa.

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safaricom mpesa charges
safaricom mpesa charges

When was Mpesa Launched

Many people would like to know When was Mpesa Launched? This is because it started like a small thing that people never paid any special attention to. After a short time, it was the talk of town with a lot of green stalls branded Safaricom Mpesa. These are the safaricom Mpesa Agents who allow customers to deposit and withdraw money from their Mpesa tills.

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Mpesa was Launched in 2007 by Vodacom for Safaricom Company. Since then, it has really grown and almost all Kenyans use the service. It’s also gone global and inspired many companies and banks to use the same technology for mobile money transfer.

How does Mpesa work

For one to use Mpesa, they need to have a safaricom Line which is registered for Mpesa. This is a free service and can be done by any Mpesa agent or at any Safaricom shop. For you to register, you need to have your identification document. You will then be able to top-up your Mpesa account by depositing money on your phone. This is done by any Mpesa agent and it’s a free service. If you want to read more about this, I have written a complete article on How does mpesa work? Find out the secrete! The company also has m-pesa app which works on mobile phones.

M-pesa uses are many including Paying Electricity via Mpesa,  to Make Payment via NHIF Mpesa Paybill Number. It can also be handy when it comes to paying GoTV, Zuku, Startimes, DSTV Kenya payment via DSTV Mpesa Paybill Number, Pay your Loan Using HELB Mpesa Paybill Number and many others.

safaricom mpesa rates
safaricom mpesa rates

Safaricom Mpesa Charges or Mpesa Rates

Sending money to any Mpesa user or unregistered Mpesa user attracts some Mpesa charges. Its important to note that mpesa transaction charges are also incurred while withdrawing money from an Mpesa Agent. To be an agent for M-pesa there are m pesa agent requirements that you need to fulfill. Here are the Mpesa Charges 2016. When you deposit or withdraw money from your phone using M-pesa, you will receive a message confirming the transaction.

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Who is the second CEO of Safaricom?

The first CEO of Safaricom was Michael Joseph. This is the popular man associated with the company success especially Mpesa. The second CEO of Safaricom is Bob Collymore. The second CEO of Safaricom CEO of Safaricom Bob Collymore was the chief officer of corporate affairs at Vodacom before coming to head Safaricom in Kenya.

When was Safaricom Foundation started?

The Safaricom Foundation was started in August 2003 as a charity arm of the Safaricom. Its known for investing in poor communities and implementing projects that create long lasting impact to the rural poor. Their email for Safaricom Foundation is the

Mpesa paybill numbers
Mpesa paybill numbers

Safaicom Mshwari

This is also another useful service from Safaricom that enables one to save money. It’s literally a virtual bank. Registered customers can save money on Mshwari and earn an interest. It operates a savings account and also one can apply for a loan and pay back using this service. How to qualify for Mshwari loans will depend on your account standing.

I believe now you know more about Safaricom Mpesa and when was Mpesa Launched in Kenya.

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Safaricom m-pesa customer care

For any questions you can contact safaricom m-pesa customer care.

PrePay: Call 100 (Free) Or +254 722 002100 (chargeable) Email:

PostPay: 200 (Free) Or +254 722 002200 (chargeable) Email:

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