Safaricom Bundles Prices | Buying Safaricom Data Bundles


Safaricom Bundles are referred to the amount of internet data one purchases at any given time to use. There are many options to choose from while purchasing Safaricom Data Bundles. Once you do your safaricom data bundles purchase you will enjoy fast and reliable browsing experience through your choice of affordable data bundles that compliment your lifestyle.

The company offers PrePay and PostPay packages to its subscribers. It also offers daily, weekly and monthly affordable Internet data plans it its customers. Some of the packages also come with some extras like complimentary SMS.

It’s important to note that once you exhaust your bundle, you will be charged an out of bundle rate which is Ksh 2 per Mb.

Safaricom data bundles purchase or Internet bundles top-up can be done through, scratch cards, Mpesa, online purchases and through sharing with another Safaricom subscriber (Internet Sambaza).

Safaricom Bundles Prices Buying Safaricom Data Bundles

Safaricom Bundles Prices | Buying Safaricom Data Bundles

Daily Data Safaricom Bundles Prices

Data Bundle SMS Price
7 MB 7 SMS Ksh 5
15 MB 15 SMS Ksh 10
35 MB 35 SMS Ksh 20
60 MB 60 SMS Ksh 30
150 MB 150 SMS Ksh50

Weekly Data Safaricom Bundles Prices

Data Bundle SMS Price
5 MB N/A Ksh5
10 MB N/A Ksh 10
30 MB N/A Ksh30
65 MB N/A Ksh 50
130 MB N/A 100

Monthly Data Safaricom Bundles Prices

Data Bundle SMS Price
350 MB N/A Ksh 250
1 GB N/A Ksh 500
3 GB N/A 1000
7.5 GB N/A 2000
12 GB N/A 3000

90 Days Safaricom Bundles Prices

Data Bundle SMS Price
6 GB N/A 3000
16 GB N/A 6000
30 GB N/A 9000

PostPay Safaricom Data Bundles

Post pay data bundles are available for light or heavy users. One can choose the data bundle they prefer and pay using the following guide.

Bundle Price (Ksh) Validity Period
40MB 50 90 Days
80MB 100 90 Days
200MB 250 90 Days
500MB 500 90 Days
1.5GB 1000 120 Days
3GB 1999 180 Days
8GB 3999 180 Days
25GB 11499 180 Days

How to buy Safaricom Bundles on Phone

  1. To activate the Safaricom Data Bundles dial *544# from your mobile number;
  2. You will be given options for Daily bundles, 30 day 1GB @ 500/-, 7b day bundle,30 day bundle and 90 day bundle.

How to buy safaricom bundles online

 Now that you know how to buy Safaricom internet bundles using your phone, let’s look at how to buy Safaricom data bundles online.  Buying Safaricom bundles online is a simple process. First you need a computer and a modem.  Buying Safaricom bundles online is free when you connect using your Safaricom line. To access the service, plug in your Safaricom modem into your computer, input your PIN number in case you have an active PIN. After this, click connect button. Then go to your Web browser and type If you want to buy Safaricom bundles online for iPad and Tablets, simply go to your browser and access the website. This is the simple process of how to buy Safaricom bundles online.

How to Sambaza Internet Bundles

Sambaza Internet Bundles allows you to transfer as much as 900MB worth of data bundles and as little as 5MB in a day. A customer can request for Sambaza Internet requests up to two times in a day. Also one can Sambaza Internet as minimum as 5 MBs data bundles. Therefore you can send data from one device to another using these simple steps:

How to Buy Safaricom Bundles with M-PESA

You can buy your safaricom internet data bundles using Mpesa using the following steps. You will be notified on SMS once the Safaricom bundle purchase process is completed successfully.

How to check Safaricom bundles balance

One can check Safaricom bundles balance using these simple methods.

  1. For mobile devices dial *544# and select check bundle balance.
  2. For computer modem visit

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