How to Reduce Fuel Consumption Without Hurting Your Car

Reduce Fuel Consumption
Reduce Fuel Consumption

How to Reduce Fuel Consumption Without Hurting Your Car? Are you one of those people who drive with their fuel light glowing on their dashboards? You should not be those people waiting to spend money when it’s too late and you are stranded in the middle of the road. I have a friend of mine who usually drives with the fuel light glowing on his dash. Not that he doesn’t have money but he is one of those people who don’t care! There are many ways to Reduce Fuel Consumption and driving on empty tank aint one of them!

The don’t care attitude is common around as some would say, am just going 20Kms away so I just need to put Ksh. 500. Before they know it the journey extends and they are in the middle of nowhere. This is the time when it’s probably dark or raining or you traveled to somewhere you have never gone. Then you start driving back while panicking not knowing whether you will reach home safe with the little fuel left. You are left to guess and pray all the way. Why would one want to put him/herself in such a situation? There are many ways to reduce fuel consumption you should know instead of risking!

It’s not wise for your gas needle to go below the quarter tank. I know of some disciplined people whose vehicles have never hit the quarter mark. They always fill their tank as soon as the fuel drops. One thing you should know is that this daredevil kind of attitude is not good for your car. You are hurting your car more and more with this attitude.

Below is a table on how far you can drive with an empty tank

Reduce Fuel Consumption
mileage chart MPG

Why you should avoid driving on Low tank

Getting stranded

You can easily get stuck in a traffic jam or in the middle of the road. This often happens when you are far away and probably when its dark and you are alone in the car. Sometime when it’s raining or rushing for an important meeting. Trust me, there are many different bad scenarios that could take place.

Fuel Pump Working Harder

If you are always driving on empty tank, then your fuel pump risk going out soon. The repair of a fuel tank will cost you a lot than what you are saving with small amounts of fuel.

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Ruining your engine

Running with low fuel has another disadvantage of dirt that gets built up inside your fuel tank being released into your fuel system. This is one of the worst things that can happen to your engine. The repairs will cost you thousands and thousands if you let this happen to your car. Always make sure you don’t go below the quarter tank when driving.

Tips to Reduce Fuel Consumption

Drive only when it’s a must.

Try walking short distances instead of driving, it’s good for your health.

Secure gas cap tightly

Make sure the gas cap is tight, and it will enable you to keep all the gas you pay for.

Avoid idling

if your car will remain stationary for more than a minute or so, switch the engine off.

Fast acceleration and Rapid breaking

Avoid a heavy foot, it will always result in reduced gas mileage and poor fuel consumption.

Drive moderately

The faster you drive, the worse your gas mileage and fuel consumption will be.

Use cruise control

Use Cruise control when on highway so that your car will be going at a constant velocity, which means there is no acceleration. 55 miles per hour is the perfect speed for maximum fuel efficiency.

Streamline your car

Make your car is more aerodynamic by removing the roof racks on top of the car, and also by decreasing the weight of the car by removing unneeded items.

Roll your windows up

This will reduce drag and wind resistance. If you are driving at speeds of less than 35 mph, it is usually okay to keep the windows down.

Use the AC in moderation

If you need to choose between keeping your windows rolled down or using the AC at high speeds, use the air conditioning on a low setting

Change dirty air filters

Dirty air filters cause your car’s engine to work much harder than it has to and always results in poor fuel economy.

Maintain right Tire pressure

Always ensure your tires are inflated to the proper air pressure level. If not sure check the sticker at the driver’s door.

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Other Reduced Gas Mileage Tips

If your car mileage to the gas has reduced, then consider checking Spark plugs

  • Air filters
  • Oxygen sensors
  • Fuel injection systems
  • Tires

With these tips on how to reduce fuel consumption we hope you will enjoy driving while keeping yourself and your car safe.


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