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Nyamira County

Nyamira County Government serves the people of Nyamira under the leadership of The Governor and the deputy. The county in the former Nyanza Province of Kenya. It was part of Kisii County when Kisii County was a district, and is sometimes called North Kisii County. According to 2009 census the county has a population of 598,252.

Nyamira County headquarters is Nyamira Town which has an urban population of around 41,668.

There are 5 districts or sub counties in the county; Nyamira, Nyamira North, Borabu, Manga and Masaba North. The entire county has 13 divisions, 33 locations, 20 wards and 88 sub-locations.

75 per cent of the county have red volcanic soil which is deep, fertile and well-drained. While the remaining 25 per cent are those in the valley bottoms and swampy areas suitable for brick making.

The county has permanent rivers like Sondu, Eaka, Kijauri, Kemera, Charachani, Gucha , Bisembe, Mogonga, Chirichiro, Ramacha and Egesagane. These rivers and several other streams in the county drain their water into Lake Victoria.

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Nyamira County Population

The county population stands at 598,252  According to 2009 census.

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Nyamira Climate and Weather

Nyamira has a bimodal pattern of annual rainfall that is well distributed, reliable and adequate for a wide range of crops. The annual rainfall ranges between 1200mm-2100mm per year. Long and short rain season start from December to June and July to November respectively, with no distinct dry spell separating the two seasons.

Day and minimum night temperatures are normally between 28.7c and 10.1c respectively, resulting to an average normal temperature of 19.4c. This is favourable for both agricultural and livestock production in the area.

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Nyamira County Economy

The Economy of Nyamira is majorly agricultural. The main cash crops that are grown in the area are Tea, sugar cane and pyrethrum. While maize, beans and bananas are grown for domestic consumption.

Nyamira Investment Opportunities

  • County Referral Hospital
  • Construction of a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Bamboo Growing for Environmental Management and Industrialization
  • Coffee Value Addition
  • Tea Value Addition

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Nyamira County Education

There are 510 Primary Schools, 247 Secondary Schools, 661 ECD centres, 3 Public University Campuses and 15 Youth Polytechnics.

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Nyamira County Governor and Deputy

The Nyamira County Governor is H.E. John Obiero Nyagarama. He was swon in on 18th August 2017 at Nyamira Primary grounds. Nyamira County Deputy Governor is H. E Amos Nyaribo.

The Nyamira County Number

Nyamira is County Number

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Nyamira County News

The County Government of Nyamira always keeps the public updated by publishing latest news on their website. Click here to access latest Nyamira County News.

Hotels in Nyamiara

The main hotels here are Guardian Hotel Nyamira, Nyamira Tourist Hotel.

Nyamira Tourist Attractions

Rivers and Waterfalls
There are two water falls worth visiting namely Koimachingi Falls and Keera Falls.

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Nyamira County Constituencies

  1. West Mugirango constituency
  2. North Mugirango constituency
  3. Borabu constituency
  4. Kititu Masaba constituency

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Nyamira County Sub-Counties or Districts

There are five Sub-Counties in the county as listed below.

  1. Manga
  2. Nyamira South
  3. Nyamira North
  4. Borabu
  5. Masaba North

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Nyamira County Wards

There are 20 electoral wards Nyamira County

  1. Bosamaro
  2. Township
  3. Bogichora
  4. Manga
  5. Kiabonyoru
  6. Gachuba
  7. Magwagwa
  8. Bomwagamo
  9. Ekerenyo
  10. Gesima
  11. Itibo
  12. Rigoma
  13. Nyansiongo
  14. Nyamaiya
  15. Magombo
  16. Mekenene
  17. Bokeira
  18. Esise
  19. Kemera
  20. Bonyamatuta

Nyamira County Constituencies and Wards

Constituency No of Wards Wards Member of Parliament
Kitutu Masaba 6 Rigoma, Gachuba, Kemera, Magombo,Manga, Gesima Timothy Moseti E Bosire
West Mugirango 5 Nyamaiya, Bogichora,Bosamaro, Bonyamatuta, Township James Gesami Ondicho
North Mugirango 5 Itibo, Bomwagamo, Bokeira, Magwagwa,Ekerenyo Charles Mongare Geni
Borabu 4 Mekenene, Kiabonyoru,Esise, Nyansiongo Ben George Orori Momanyi

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Nyamira County Jobs

One can apply for County Jobs which are normally available on the county website by clicking here. The Nyamira County Government jobs can also be applied for by fill in and submitting the job application form to the county government. Click here to fill in the job application form. Advertised County jobs can be found here. While shortlisted candidates for interview in Nyamira county can be found here.

Nyamira County Tenders

Tenders for Nyamira are always available on their county web portal. Always check the county website for latest tenders by clicking here.

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Nyamira County Contacts

County Government of Nyamira
P.O Box 434-40500, Nyamira
TEL. 058-6144288.|
WEBSITE: www.nyamira.go.ke
EMAIL:  info@nyamira.go.ke

Nyamira County Website


Nyamira County Map

Nyamira County Map
Nyamira County Map
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