Nakumatt Global Card: How to use Nakumatt Mastercard Prepaid Card

Nakumatt Mastercard Prepaid Card
Nakumatt Mastercard Prepaid Card

Nakumatt Global Card is a new Prepaid MasterCard issued by Nakumatt supermarket. The new Nakumatt Global Card replaced the old Nakumatt Smart Card. Nakumatt Supermarket in collaboration with Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) and Diamond Trust Bank (DTB), launched the Nakumatt Global Card on October 23, 2013.

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The old Nakumatt Smart Card which customers used to earn loyalty points from was not flexible enough. Therefore, Nakumatt supermarket brought Nakumatt Card that allows customers to load money and use it to make purchases at any POS that accepts MasterCard globally. Nakumatt Global Card allows customers withdraw cash and conduct Nakumatt online shopping and in their stores across East Africa.

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Nakumatt Global Card
Nakumatt Global Card

Nakumatt Global Card features

If you have Nakumatt Global Card, you will be able to earn Nakumatt loyalty points anywhere MasterCard is accepted. The points earned will only be redeemable at Nakumatt supermarkets. This prepaid debit card combined into a loyalty card makes shopping easier. With the Nakumatt Global Card you can access 33 million retailers and businesses across 210 countries where MasterCard is accepted.

Nakumatt Global Card is secure as it features PayPass technology supported by multi-level security protections, including the advanced encryption. The card also has the state-of-the art security protections of the MasterCard payment system. Nakumatt Global Card though initially launched in Kenya, will benefit cashless transactions to customers in Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan.

If you want to have the nakumatt global mastercard prepaid card, you can visit any Nakumatt Supermarket.

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How to Top up Nakumatt Global Mastercard Prepaid Card

You can top up Nakumatt Global Mastercard Prepaid Card at any Nakumatt supermarket, DTB or KCB branches. All you have to do to top up is present your Nakumatt Global Mastercard Prepaid Card and national ID or passport.

Nakumatt global card mpesa loading cash option

You can use DTB or KCB paybill number to load cash on your Nakumatt Global Mastercard Prepaid Card.

How to Top Up Nakumatt Global Card via DTB M-PESA PayBill Number

  • Go to your mpesa menu
  • Then go to lipa na Mpesa
  • Select pay bill
  • Enter business number (Pay bill number)
  • DTB Paybill Number is 516606
  • Enter Account number (your mobile phone number)

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How to Top Up Nakumatt Global Card via KCB M-PESA PayBill Number 522522

  • Go to your mpesa menu
  • Then go to lipa na Mpesa
  • select pay bill
  • Enter business number (Pay bill number)
  • KCB Paybill Number is 522522
  • Enter Account number is your 16 digit card number

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How to shop online using Nakumatt Global Card

To shop online using Nakumatt Card, you will need to follow the following steps.

  1. Name: Enter name as it appears on the Nakumatt Global registration form.
  2. Card Number: As it appears on the front of the card
  3. Expiry date: As it appears on the front of the card CVC2
  4. Number or secret code: The three digits at the back of the card adjacent to the signature panel.

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Nakumatt Global Card Charges

It’s important to note that there are no extra charges for using the Nakumatt Card. In case of surcharge, contact Nakumatt Global on +254-730-123456

Nakumatt Global Card Balance

The card has a Financial Management portal where you can manage your account. One can view their account balance, card statements, transfer funds to different multicurrency wallets, etc. The card also has an online management portal for your loyalty points.

Nakumatt Customer Care: Nakumatt Global Card Contacts

number +254-730-123456


You can use the above Nakumatt Global Contacts in case of any dispute or if you lose your card or the nearest Nakumatt outlet, or either KCB or DTB Branches.

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Nakumatt Branches that operate 24 hours


Nairobi: Mega, Ukay, Lifestyle, Prestige, Moi Avenue

Eldoret: HouseHold

Kisumu: Nyanza

Mombasa: Cinemax


Kampala: Oasis, Bugolobi


Kigali, City Centre

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