Maasai Market Schedule for jewelry – Maasai Market Days

masai dresses
masai dresses

Maasai market has gained popularity in Nairobi, Kenya as the place to buy maasai jewelry, maasai beads, masai bracelet and artifacts.

The Maasai market is known for these coloured African artworks that attaract many tourists in Nairobi Kenya.  The Maasai market borrows its name from the Nilotic ethnic group inhabiting southern Kenya and northern Tanzania.

Maasai are among the best known local populations due to their residence near the many game parks and their distinctive customs and dress. Many tourists in Kenya identify Kenya with the rich Masaai Culture. However

maasai market days schedule

Maasai market arts

Maasai market  has a wide range of African artifacts from the various tribes living in Kenya.

So if you visit the market you will see many items which include curios made of Kisii soft stones carvings, wood carvings from ukambani, Candle holders, ladies bags, clutches, wall hangings, wallets, Sandals, clothing and utensils such as bowls, table cloths, spoons.

masai bracelet and beads
masai bracelet and beads

Some of the items sold here have some similarities as the artists compete for commercially viable artworks.

The maasai market products have vibrant colors that would attract you from far. The pricing is particularly very affordable compared to shops in town and one can get good bargains here if you have some negotiating skills.

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maasai jewelry
maasai jewelry

Maasai market schedule – Maasai market days

Monday – Is not a market day

Tuesday – Kijabe Street Park next to Nairobi River and Prestige Plaza along Ngong Road

Wednesday – Capital Center along Mombasa road

Thursday – Junction Mall & along Ngong road

Friday – Village market along Limuru road & Langinton Mall

Saturday –The High court parking in the city Center opposite Re-Insurance Plaza & Prestige Plaza along Ngong road

Sunday –Yaya Center along Valley Road in Hurlingham

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6 Tips and Tricks of Shopping in Maasai Market

1.If you are a foreigner, make sure you have changed your money into local currency, Kenya shillings first before proceeding to buy at the market.

2. Once you arrive at the Maasai market, take your time to walk around and have a feel of the market and products available. Don’t be in a hurry to buy as you will regret later when you find good stuff after walking around. You will find out that this tip pays a lot as you will realize that, the me more you walk you will meet artists that are more creative in the use of colours, and functionality of their products. You will also find their items cheaper.

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3. Try and learn some Swahili words and insist in using Swahili while shopping. This will help a lot as the local merchants will consider you as someone who is not new to the area and have some knowledge about prices.

masai dresses
masai dresses

Maasai Market Shopping Tips

4. Do not allow anyone to guide you through the market. You will meet some humble Samaritans who are welcoming but don’t fall prey. They always act like they know exactly what you are looking for and where to find it. If you seek their guidance, you will be sold for at a higher price as they usually connive with the marchants who factor their commission on what you buy.

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5. It’s always worked for many people when they take their time to engage the artists on whether they are the ones who have made the item you are interested in. Many of them love to talk about their work and being appreciated, chances are, they will give you some discount.

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6. From Maasai market schedule, you will notice that Maasai market days are in different locations within Nairobi. From experience, the markets at Kijabe Street and High court parking have the best rates as they are perceived to be for the Kenyans as opposed to those in up-market venues which are perceived for high spenders.

masai dresses
masai dresses

Some of the flagship products of Masaai Market

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