Kaimati Recipe – How to Make Kaimati (swahili dishes)

Kaimati recipe
Kaimati recipe

Today we want to look at how to make kaimati with our simple and easy kaimati recipe. Many people always wonder how these sweet crunchy dumplings are made. Don’t worry, this article will show you the simple instructions on how to how to make kaimati with our simple kaimati recipe.

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Kaimati / sweet dumplings

Kaimati or sweet dumplings is one of the popular swahili delicacies or swahili dishes that are popular in Kenya and East Africa as a whole. You will not miss this delightful snack in swahili dishes recipes. You can eat them anytime, either as appetizer, light dessert with tea, coffee or soft drink or in the morning as breakfast.

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Many people have this during iftar time in Ramadhan period. I would recommend this snack to you as its one of the most delicious swahili dishes I have ever tried.

Kaimati can be made with sugar syrup to form a solid coating over each dumpling or lightly coated with a slightly sticky syrup. Whichever you prefer, will still give you the sweet dumplings for your meal.

how to cook kaimati
how to cook kaimati

Kaimati Recipe on How to Cook Kaimati

1 cup                                all-purpose/plain flour

1/2 cup                             yogurt plus a little water

1 tablespoon:                    ghee or butter

1 level teaspoon:              instant yeast

Kaimati Recipe Ingredients for Sugar Syrup

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1 cup:                   sugar

1/2 cup:               water

1/2 teaspoon:   powdered cardamom, lemon rinds or saffron threads (Choose the flavour you prefer)

How to Make Kaimati
How to Make Kaimati

Instructions on How to Make Kaimati

  1. Boil syrup and cool completely
  2. Mix the flour with all the above ingredients and beat thoroughly with your hand. It should be thick enough for you to be able to pick without it flowing down between your fingers, but not so thick that it’s a dough. Not runny and yet not too thick.
  3. Cover and let it rise for about half an hour. Touch some oil with your fingertips and mix the mixture again.
  4. Heat oil, then pick small portions and drop in the hot oil, then immediately lower the heat and fry on very low heat, stirring the Kaimati continuously so that they color on all sides and get super crunchy.
  5. From heat place directly into the cooled sugar syrup.
  6. Serve and enjoy!
Kaimati recipe
Kaimati recipe

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