Daddy Owen Biography, Songs, Wedding and Wife

farida wambui and daddy owen
farida wambui and daddy owen

Daddy Owen real name is Owen Mwatia, he was born in Kakamega, Western Kenya in 1982. He is one of the popular Kenyan gospel musicians. Owen fellowships at the Kenya Assemblies of God Church, Buru Buru, Nairobi. He is a signed artist of the Beats & Blessings family.

One cannot miss noticing his synonymous music style with that of his brother, Kenyan Award-winning gospel musician Rufftone.

Daddy Owen Family Background

Owen Mwatia also known as Daddy Owen is the second born in a family of four brothers and a sister. All the brothers are musicians including his eldor brother Rufftone who is a well-established gospel musician in Kenya who is Daddy Owens inspiration. He started singing way back when he was still in high school. Owen studied in Eshihiru Secondary school. due to financial constraints, he didn’t go to college. He made a trip to Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi where travel he worked as a matatu tout. He didn’t get much money from this job that made him become a pick pocket in Downtown Nairobi. His life almost ended when he was attacked by a mob that almost lynched him.

Daddy Owen Songs
Daddy Owen Songs

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Daddy Owen Eyes

He narrates that “It all happened in a split second. All I remember was lying down surrounded by a huge crowd who beat me up mercilessly. One poked my eye using a sharp instrument. Meanwhile, I could hear the rest urging someone to bring a car tyre to burn me alive”

Owen decided to turn over a new leaf of life after spending a whole week in an eye hospital in Kikuyu.

He released his first album Haijalishi in 2004. He is known for charitable activities like “Macho Macho” campaign which supports needy people with eye problems in Kakamega. The Second Chance Campaign is also one of the charities he is involved in that creates cervical cancer awareness, encourages women to seek cervical cancer screening services. He also supports Phoenix football team in Nairobi.

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Daddy Owen wife

Daddy Owen wife is called Farida Wambui. The artist, Daddy Owen fiancée later turned to be his wife is a colorful wedding on 2nd April 2016. Daddy Owen wedding ceremony which was an invite only event was held at Kenya Assemblies of God in Buru Buru, Nairobi. The wedding was followed by a reception at Radisson Blu hotel. He chose an all-white suit for his special day matching his groomsmen including Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi and Gospel Singer Rufftone (his elder brother).


Daddy Owen songs

He has been able to release six albums namely Vanity, Utamu wa Maisha, Saluti, System ya Kapungala, Son of Man and Haijaisha. Owen has managed to maintain his career as a Kenyan gospel artist being Groove Awards male artist of the year from the year 2009 to 2011. The hit song ‘Saluti’ earned three groove award nominations where he won in all three categories.  His music has a blend of the popular congo Lingala tune.

Here is a list of Daddy Owen latest songs

  1. Vanity
  2. Jumapili
  3. Kazi ya Msalaba Ft. Danny
  4. Mungu Yupo
  5. Foundation Ft. Papa Dennis
  6. Wewe ni Mungu Ft. Regan Sarkozy
  7. Okokroko Ft. 24 Elders
  8. Am Blessed
  9. Tazama
  10. Chocolata Ft. Coopy Bly
  11. Umekwama
  12. Mbona which was co-authored by Denno
  13. Tobina
  14. Saluti
  15. System ya Kapungala
  16. kiriro ft Allan aaron
  17. Shillingi ya Kenya
  18. Randa Randa
  19. Fire
  20. I will go
  21. Dakika tatu

Daddy Owen Awards

He managed to receive the Best Anglophone award during the MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMA) for the song Tobina in 2010. Owen was also named artist of the year at the 2012 Kisima Awards. Today, he is the founder member of Malaika Awards, a Charitable organization for the disabled people. Owen is a praise and worship member at the Kenya Assemblies of God, Nairobi, Kenya.

daddy owen biography
daddy owen biography

Daddy Owen Child

There isn’t much information about the private life of this celebrity whether he has a child already or not.

size 8 at daddy owen wedding
size 8 at daddy owen wedding

Daddy Owen Wedding Video

Interestingly, the golden pen that Farida Wambui used to sign her marriage certificate failed to work when it was Daddy Owen’s turn. He had to borrow the pastor’s pen to certify the marriage.

Below are his wedding video pictures. Click here for more info on his social media page.

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