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Bungoma Town
Bungoma Town

Bungoma County is located in western Kenya. It’s one of the counties that formed the Western Province of Kenya. The county headquarters is Bungoma or Bungoma Town. It has a population of 1,375,063 and coverage area of 2,069 km². Bungoma borders with Uganda, Busia, Kakamega and Trans Nzoia Counties.

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Bungoma County Governor

The current governor of Bungoma County is Wycliffe Wafula Wangamati of ODM party, affiliated to National Super Alliance (NASA). He was elected in 2017 and will serve up to 2022.

Bungoma County Population

According to the 2009 census, Bungoma County Population stands at 1,375,063. The Population density is 453.5 people per Km square, Male 48 % and Female 52 % of the entire county population. Bungoma has a Growth Rate of 4.3% with Age Distribution as follows: 0-14 years 45.9 %, 15-64 years 51.4 % and
over 65 years 2.3%.

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Bungoma County Government
Bungoma Town Picture

Bungoma County Education

In 2007 there were 804 primary schools, 207 Secondary schools and 40 tertiary schools. The total enrolment in primary schools was 400,407 with a teacher to pupil Ratio of 1: 50 in Public Schools. While secondary schools’ enrollment was 41,310 with a teacher to pupil Ratio of 1: 29 in Public Schools.

The national and county schools In Bungoma are Kibabii High school, Kamusinga Boys, Lugulu Girls, Chwele Girls, Misikhu Girls and Bungoma High school.

The Tertiary schools in Bungoma County are Masinde Muliro University, Kibabii TTC, Sang’alo Institute, Kisiwa Institute, Moi University Satellite Campus.

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Bungoma County Climate/Weather

The temperatures in the county range from minimum of between 15 – 20 0C to a maximum of between 22 – 30 0C.  Bungoma has two rainy seasons with average rainfall from 1200mm to 1800mm per annum.

Bungoma County Economy

The economy of Bungoma County thrives on Agriculture, manufacturing, services, and retail businesses. Many households in Bungoma rely on crop production and animal rearing, making agriculture the backbone of the County. Main subsistence crops include maize, beans, finger millet, sweet potatoes, bananas, Irish potatoes and assorted vegetables. While cash crops include sugar cane, cotton, palm oil, coffee, sun flower and tobacco.

The County has two main roads, the Webuye-Bungoma-Malaba Highway and the Webuye-Kitale.  The roads have long distant trucks ferrying produce to Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

There are two major manufacturing companies in Bungoma namely Rai Paper, formerly Pan- African Paper Mills (East Africa) Limited and Nzoia Sugar Company Ltd. Others factories and industries include Malakisi Tobacco Leaf Centre, Webuye Heavy Chemicals Industry and small coffee factories. Milk plants and large bread bakeries are also present in Bungoma.

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Pan- African Paper Mills (East Africa) Limited (Pan Paper)

The Pan Paper was incorporated in 1969, is based in Webuye town and manufactures paper products but collapsed in 2009. It employed 5,000 people directly and another 30,000 indirectly.

Nzoia Sugar Company Ltd

The company serves over 67,000 farmers within and without Bungoma. It was established in 1975 with company’s nucleus cane estate covers 3,600 hectares while the out-grower zone spans over 23,500 hectares. Its challenged with frequent closures, occasioned by mismanagement, huge debts and failure to pay farmers, who in turn refuse to supply cane.

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Bungoma County Tourists Attractions

The major Tourist Attractions in Bungoma County are Chetambe’s Fort and Nabuyole Falls.

People of Bungoma County Tribes

The resilient and flamboyant people of Bukusu are the majority occupants of Bungoma County. They are known to have stood up against British rule in the late 19th century.

Prominent Bukusu people include H.E. Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi (Secretary-General of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, UNCTAD). The late Hon Masinde Muliro Founder Member of original KADU independence party, Founder member of FORD party. Late Hon Wamalwa Kijana (former vice president), and the late Cardinal Maurice Michael Otunga (head of the Catholic Church in Kenya).

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Bungoma County Map

Bungoma County Map
County Map

Bungoma County Politics

Ford-Kenya has been the predominant party in Bungoma for almost 17 Years. This was a party headed by Wamalwa Kijana. However, the community have diversified their political affiliation having MPs from ODM, PNU, Ford-Kenya and New-Ford-Kenya parties.

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Bungoma County Constituencies

There is a total of Nine Constituencies in Bungoma County. Here are the County Constituencies.

  1. Elgon Constituency
  2. Sirisia Constituency
  3. Kabuchai Constituency
  4. Bumula Constituency
  5. Kanduyi Constituency
  6. Webuye Constituency
  7. Bokoli Constituency
  8. Kimilili Constituency
  9. Tongaren Constituency

Bungoma County Wards

There is a total of 42 wards in Bungoma County. Here are the County Wards per constituency.

Mt Elgon Constituency

  1. Cheptais Ward
  2. Chesikaki Ward
  3. Chepyuk Ward
  4. Kapkateny Ward
  5. Kaptama Ward
  6. Elgon Ward

Sirisia Constituency

  1. Namwela Ward
  2. Malakisi/South Kulisiru Ward
  3. Lwandanyi Ward

Kabuchai Constituency

  1. Kabuchai/Chwele Ward
  2. West Nalondo Ward
  3. Bwake/Luuya Ward
  4. Mukuyuni Ward

Bumula Constituency

  1. South Bukusu Ward
  2. Bumula Ward
  3. Khasoko Ward
  4. Kabula Ward
  5. Kimaeti Ward
  6. West Bukusu Ward
  7. Siboti Ward

Kanduyi Constituency

  1. Bukembe West Ward
  2. Bukembe East Ward
  3. Township Ward
  4. Khalaba Ward
  5. Musikoma Ward
  6. East Sangalo Ward
  7. Tuuti Ward
  8. Marakaru Ward
  9. West Sangalo Ward

Webuye East Constituency

  1. Mihuu Ward
  2. Ndivisi Ward
  3. Maraka Ward

Kimilili Constituency

  1. Kibingei Ward
  2. Kimilili Ward
  3. Maeni Ward
  4. Kamukuywa Ward

Tongaren Constituency

  1. Mbakalo Ward
  2. Naitiri/Kabuyefwe Ward
  3. Milima Ward
  4. Ndalu Ward
  5. Tongaren Ward
  6. Soysambu/Mitua Ward

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Bungoma County Constituencies and Wards

The Bungoma has 9 constituencies and 45 electoral wards.

Constituency No of Wards Wards Member of Parliament
Elgon 6 Cheptais, Chesikaki, Chepyuk, Kapkateny, Kaptama, Elgon John Bomet Serut
Sirisia 3 Namwela, Malakisi/South Kulisiru, Lwandanyi John Waluke Koyi
Kabuchai 5 kABUCHAI/Chwele, West Nalondo, Bwake/Luuya, Mukuyuni, South Bukusu James Lusweti Mukwe
Bumula 6 Bumula, Khasoko, Kabula, Kimaeti, South Bukusu, Siboti Bonface Okhiya Otsiula
Kanduyi 8 Bukembe West, Bukembe East, Township, Khalaba, Musikoma,  East Snag’alo, Marakatu, Tuuti, West Sang’alo Athanas M Wafula Wamunyinyi
Webuye East 3 Mihuu, Ndivisi, Maraka Bernard Alfred Wekesa Sambu
Webuye West 3 Sitikho, Matulo, Bokoli Daniel Wanyama Sitati
Kimilili 4 Kibingei, Kimilili, Maeni, Kamukuywa Suleiman Kurunga Kasuti
Tongaren 6 Mbakalo, Naitiri/Kabuyefwe, Milima, Ndalu/Tabani, Tongaren, Soysambu/Mitua David Eseli Simiyu


Bungoma County Jobs

Bungoma County Government Jobs are normally posted on the county website. These jobs are available to all that qualify. Click here or Here to access latest jobs in Bungoma county Government.

Bungoma County Tenders

Bungoma county tenders are available on the county website. Click here to access tenders in the county that are awarded in a free, fair and transparency manner.

Bungoma County Contacts

County Government of Bungoma
County Headquarters, Moi Avenue Street
Former Municipal Buildings
P.O Box 437-50200, Tel. 055-30343
Bungoma, Western Kenya
Email: info@bungoma.go.ke
Website: www.bungoma.go.ke

Bungoma County Website


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